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What is Sativa/Indica: Cannabis plants of the sativa variety have higher ratios of THC than Indica Strains and usually lower percentages of CBD. Cannabis Sativa is more likely to increase anxiety levels and have a more powerful cerebral high. Some Sativa Strains can have a trippy energetic buzz and may not suit people looking for help sleeping at night. Sativa Cannabis Plants generally grow with a wide, loose structure. The buds are usually less dense and the ganja plants usually grow slightly taller but this is not set in stone.
How Plant Height Matters: Cannabis plants can grow to various heights. Choosing the correct strain is a very important task as not all garden requirements are the same. If you are limited on space and especially height it is fundamental to use a plant that does not stretch to tall during flowering. Plants with Short to medium heights should be suited to most garden types unless there are major height restrictions. Plants that we have classified as tall will certainly need as much height as you can provide as they will grow tall. Obviously there are exceptions to the rules of plant heights as more advanced growers can control the height with various techniques. Some people use less powerful lights during the first stages of flowering such as LED’s or Eco Bulbs and bring them right down to the top of the plant. Others use techniques such as Super Cropping which is a technique of bending and almost breaking tops of plants to force growth into the lower areas. There are many exceptions for the connoisseurs but for the absolute beginner tall plants can come with a lot of issues.
Monster Yields: OMG Seeds bases its estimated yields on gardens with a typical 1.2 meter square floor space and 2 meters of head height. This would be powered by a 1000 watt light and fertilised with your standard grow nutrients. Our yields are only estimates as there are many elements that can affect the final results. Based on 9 plants in this set up we estimate AMNESIA HAZE to have a yield around 750 grams making it a producer of approximately 3 ounces per plant. We expect this could improve with experience and for a complete beginner 2 ounces would be easily achieved.  
Cannabis Awards: The world of marijuana is immensely big and there are many competitions every year. Breeders of all kinds get a chance in these competitions to enter their cannabis strains. Reports come back and strains can be awarded in various different categories. AMNESIA HAZE has received more than 19 different harvest awards earned for high THC and unique high strength. 
Flowering Time: Generally cannabis plants flower in 7-12 weeks depending on the genetic traits of the strain you choose. For standard feminized marijuana strains it is recommended that you give plants 18 hours light in the first stage. We recommend at least 2-6 weeks of 18 hours is optimal for establishing a strong root complex. Longer vegetation means better and bigger developing plants later on. Typically at week 4 of vegetative growth, change the lights to 12 hours on and off. From this date AMNESIA HAZE will start to flowering and finish in as little as just 53 days. Flowering times are approximate but AMNESIA HAZE buds should be fully ripe after 7-8 weeks flowering and as little as 9 weeks from seeds making them quite fast.


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OMG Original Monster Genetics cannot be held liable for unlawful uses of our products. All our cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectible souvenirs in the UK and not for cultivation. We do not offer guarantees on germination rates and do not offer returns in any situation. Please respect our policy and please use our products sensibly. All information contained on our web pages are for information purposes only or for unstruction to those who are in countires where the law does permit them to grow cannabis.
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