White Skunk Feminized

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  • High CBD so good medicinally at 1.8% approximately
  • 56- 63 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Indica around 60% with 40% Sativa
  • Height 60-100cm
  • High THC Content Upto 22%
  • Resilient to issues and high yielding
  • Citrus Pineapple like with Fruity skunk flavours on your tongue.
Strain Genetics: Our White Skunk genetics are White Widow crossed with Super Skunk. White Widow is mostly Indica based with its lineage coming from Southern America and India. This was one of the original Cannabis Strains that hit the early commercial scene in Amsterdam in the 1980’s. Super Skunk is another one of the first classic hybrids to be commercially available. Its genetics come from a combination of Afghanistan, Mexican and Columbian marijuana strain. These strains complement each other nicely when then come together with them being reasonably well balanced in Indica and Sativa.
Harvest Awards: Both the Strains used to create our White Skunk have won harvest awards with White Widow taking its first cannabis cup win in 1995. It has gone on since to win various other awards but mostly its awards have gone to the strains it has been part of in hybrids. Super Skunk won its first harvest award at the 1992 Cannabis Cup so it was a little earlier entering than white widow. In more recent times like the 2015 Highlife Bio Cup Super Skunk took 2nd Place and in 2015 its Auto Version by Sensi Seeds took a victory for best automatic hybrid. This is just a small taste of the awards received by the genetics that make up our White Skunk Strain. 

Strain Characteristics: White Skunk has an estimated THC level between 15-22% depending on your experience. The finished buds have a very thick coat of crystal glazing over them and will be very dense. The colours are somewhat on the lighter shade of green with nice kind of burnt orange and brown hairs. The smell is not over powering but nice with citrus and pineapple like aromas and a fruity skunk taste on your tongue. The buds are a very nice combination of two very classic strains which complement each other. 
Plant Growth: Our White Skunk grows short and very bushy with a lot of heavy side branches. Plants are very resilient and fill out very quickly with buds beginning to ripen very early on in the 6th week of flowering. Buds will be ready to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks so this one performs well and is commercially viable. Topping White Skunk will help it to fill out and should create a nice even canopy of delicious crystal gleaming buds. The yields are good with this one even for beginner growers being able to achieve 500 grams per meter. More advanced growers could be looking at much higher yields with a little more attention to detail and a fine tuned approach. Fan leaves are of a medium size so light will pass reasonable well to the lower branches of the plant. This strain will not grow overly tall and should finish no taller than 100cm. Finished heights can of course vary due to environmental conditions and stretching can be expected in over heated grow rooms. 
Medicinal Benefits: White Skunk is a reasonably well balanced Indica and Sativa hybrid so it performs well all round. It is a high strength strain with a good deep headed buzz and a medium heavy body stone. Reports have been shown to suggest this strain will make you feel very relaxed and great for chronic muscle pain. This strain is estimated to produce a reasonable amount of CBD at 1.8% approximately. CBD is the most medicinally researched active chemical in marijuana. Its affect have been shown to provide relief from a number of serious illnesses. It has very high anti anxiety properties and can perform as well as most prescribed antipsychotic drug treatments in higher doses. Case studies have shown that Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce the suffering of people with syndromes with include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, convulsions, chronic pain and many other things. The most research has gone into the affect it has on treating Cancer with scientific studies proving that it reduces the size of tumours and slows down its aggressiveness. 

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